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==What is Lojban?==
Lojban is a constructed language based on so called predicate logic which makes it kind of a bridge between different languages and cultures.<!-- Therefore, it allows us to see the world brighter.-->
==Why learn Lojban?==
*It is a clean, simple, and at the same time powerful language. Whereas natural grown languages have complications in grammar rules, biases and restrictions Lojban is designed to free us from them thus encouraging other ways of thinking otherwise unreachable. So why not start speaking it?
*Being explicitly based on formal logic Lojban helps understand how any human language works thus making learning other languages a bit easier.
*Lojban has exotic features that differ from major world languages.
*It allows you to say things shorter without unnecessary distracting details. For example, you don't have to always think of what tense (past, present or future) to use in a verb when it's already clear from context. When you need details you add them. But unlike other languages Lojban doesn't force you to do so.
*Lojban is for artists: it has unprecedented tools for expressing tiny variations in human emotions
*It is for lovers of wisdom (philosophers, in the original sense)
*It is for scientists who like all concepts be put in a concise system.
*It is the best tool for implementing machine automatic translation. Still it's a speakable language.
*Lastly, Lojban is also fun !
Lojban is going to change the way you look at verbal communication. Learning it is much more than just learning its words and grammar: it is more about understanding it. You will need to understand many things about the way languages work. If you are not a linguist, it will be new to you. If you are a linguist it'll strike you how different ideas and philosophies you familiar with can be directly uttered in the flow of normal speech.

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