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==You want to get some people into a room to listen to you talk about Lojban==
How do you do it?
* [[User:Björn Gohla|björn]]:
** You could try to talk to people that you know deal with formal languages (like computer science professors or linguists) and will be able to bring in other people (like their students).
<!--* Dunno, I've been trying for some time now, my score is zero, but I'm going into advertising (Lojban, not professional) in about 6 months :-)
* [[User:Jay Kominek|Jay Kominek]]:
** How were you planning on advertising? I'm currently running text ad campaigns on two websites (find [[User:Jay Kominek|Jay Kominek]] on [[Lojban IRC]] if you'd like to know which two). The keyword targeted one pulls 1%, the one on a tech website is pulling about 1.8% (CTR).
*** Nooo! Just adds on campus-->
==You've got some people in a room, and they want to listen to you talk about Lojban==
What do you say?
* Get a couple of nice weird examples
* suggestions beyond pulling some stuff off of [[What does it mean?|What Does It Mean?]]?

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