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<!div style="box-sizing: border-[[Filebox; width:la kotias.jpg|thumbnail]]100%; background-->[[Filecolor: #eef; padding: 15px 20px; border:detkehu be fi li 25 salci.jpeg|thumb|right|300px|Lojban 25th Anniversary celebration1px solid rgba(0, 20130, Fairfax0, Virginia, USA0.]]Lojban (pronounced as [ˈloʒban]4) is a constructed language, based around the rules of predicate logic.;">
This web site is dedicated to documenting Lojban and the activities of the Lojban<div style="text-align: center; font-size: 1.5em; font-using community, and also serves as the official web site of the [[Logical Language Group]] (LLG), a nonfamily: sans-profit organization founded in 1987 serif">Welcome to promote the scientific study of the relationships between language, thought and human culture.Lojban wiki!</div>
{{Lojban StackExchange}}==What is Lojban?=={{Side box|style=width:News300px;|text=<table><tr><td>'''nelci'''</td><td>⬚ likes ⬚.</td></tr><tr><td>'''patfu'''</td><td>⬚ is a father of ⬚.</td></tr><tr><td>'''mi nelci do'''</td><td>I like you.</td></tr><tr><td>'''mi patfu do'''</td><td>I'm your father.</td></tr><tr><td>'''do nelci ma'''</td><td>What do you like?</td></tr><tr><td>'''ma nelci mi'''</td><td>Who likes me?</td></tr><tr><td>'''do patfu ma'''&emsp;</td><td>Who are you a father of?</td></tr></table>}}[[Image:yt-evarusar.png|240x134px|'''Beauty in the artifice''': an introduction to Lojban by [ Ewa]|link=|thumb]][[Image:yt-lightning talk.png|240x160px|a «lightning talk» introduction to Lojban by Timo Paulssen|link=|thumb]]Lojban is a carefully constructed spoken language. It has been built for over 50 years by dozens of workers and hundreds of supporters.
==A short introduction to Lojban==*Lojban is an experiment in language — the 's grammar is regularbased on simple rules, simpler than most natural languages, but complex in and its own unique waylinguistic features are inspired by predicate logic. Lojban <!--There is an experiment in thoughtno distinction between nouns, verbs, as welland adjectives; rather, it wishes Lojban sentences are held up by ''relations'' (like “… gives … to see how these unique language structures affect thought …”) and cognitionthe ''arguments'' satisfying them.-->*Lojban allows the expression of nuances in emotion, using words called [[attitudinals]], which are essentially like spoken emoticons, expressing your feelings. '''ue''' marks that you're surprised; '''ba'u''' marks that you're exaggerating.*You can indicate the precise degree and intensity of your emotion be as well vague or detailed as indicate which word your emotion stems from. You can even indicate that your statement was meant as a joke, a quick argument defuser.*you like when speaking Lojban allows you to communicate concisely without unnecessary or undesired details. For example, you don't have to always think of what specifying tense (past, present or future) to use in a verb or number (singular or plural) is optional when itthey's already re clear from context. When you wish to provide *Lojban is machine parsable, so the details you syntactic structure and validity of a sentence is unambiguous, and can add them. But unlike other languages Lojban doesn't require you to do sobe analyzed using computer tools.<!--*Lojban is syntactically unambiguousin syntax. Natural languages often have ambiguous sentences — does "He's left" mean that he's still here or that he's gone? Lojban systematically eliminates this.-->*Lojban has 1342 [[gismu|root words]] and makes provisions for [[lujvo|compound words]] and [[fu'ivla|borrowings]]. These words allow the creation There is a live community of a vast vocabulary to describe speakers expanding the totality of human experience. Lojban vocabulary expands day by the day, and the community of speakers strives towards perfecting it every day.<!--*Lojban is machine parsable, which allows potential new explorations in the fields of artificial intelligence communication and machine translation.*Lojban is culturally designed aiming at being neutral, as far as such things are achievable. The base vocabulary was generated using an algorithm and words from the (at the time of its creation) 6 most spoken languages on Earth, averaging them out. The Lojban community strives to maintain this neutralitybetween cultures.-->===[[Presenting Lojban|More basic information ...]]===== Primary resources for learning Lojban ==There are various ways of learning Lojban unique means different things to the individual learning it, but to help you get started here are some suggestions.=== Official resources different people===* [ The full grammar of Lojban]. This book will teach you how to read and use Lojban, what the different types of words and grammatical constructs do, how to use them and interpret them and how to express yourself in Lojban. It will not, however, teach you vocabulary, style, spoken flow, nor other aspects involved in really learning about and using a human linguistic curiosity - a test-bed for language.experimentation:'''IMPORTANT NOTE:''' Since the publication of the full grammar there has been * a change challenging way to the semantics of Lojban articles known as [[How to use xorlo|xorlo]]. These changes simplify usage in that aspect and the new system is not difficult to grasp. Please keep this reform in mind when consulting the official reference grammar, as it was effectively published before the approval of xorlo.<!-- TODO: Add **OFFICIAL** word lists here! -->=== Unofficial and supplemental resources ===A various set of unofficial learning resources has been created. They are non-authoritative, but said to be more beginner-friendly.expand their minds or discipline their thoughts* A set of [[pronunciation|pronunciation guides]] are available to help you speak Lojban.a new perspective on languages* [ Lojban in simple phrases], an introduction entertaining medium to Lojban. Also available [ in pdf].communicate with friends or create art* [ An introductory video].* [[Lojban Wave Lessons|Wave Lessons]], a popular textbook.==== Works in progress ====* [[The Crash Course (a draft)]], a work-in-progress textbook.domain for exploring the intersection of human language and software
What will Lojban mean for you?
<!-- ===[[Presenting Lojban|More basic information ...]]=== -->
== Learning Lojban ==
These are learning resources that are made by people speaking Lojban and that represent personal views of those authors:
{| style="width: auto;border-collapse:collapse;border: 1px solid #ccc;"
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| <div style="text-align:center;">A set of [[pronunciation|pronunciation guides]] + [[la karda|la karda]], a rapid-fire overview of the grammar in small pieces</div>
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| <div style="text-align:center;"><span class="plainlinks">search the [ dictionary]<br/>[[Image:la_sutysisku.png|100px|link=]]</span></div>
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| <div style="text-align:center;">[[The Crash Course (a draft)|"The Crash Course"]]<br/>[[File:CC-01.svg|100px|link=The Crash Course (a draft)]]</div>
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| [ la camxes] is an automatic grammar checker of Lojban utterances. It can help you to understand the structure and correctness of sentences.
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| <div style="text-align:center;">[[Lojban Wave Lessons|Wave Lessons]], a popular textbook
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| <div style="text-align:center;">[ Lojban guide]<br/>Provides hover translations of both sentences/phrases and words they contain. </div>
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| <div style="text-align:center;"><span class="plainlinks">[[File:slaide.png|100px|link=]]</span><br/><span class="plainlinks">[ Lojban in simple phrases]</span><br/>Also available in [ PDF].</div>
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| <div style="text-align:center;"><span class="plainlinks">try searching for arbitrary words in<br/>[ the database of sentences]<br/>[[Image:La Muplis.png|150px|link=]]<br/>Some of the sentences are not proofread by fluent speakers of Lojban.</span></div>
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| <div style="text-align:center;"><span class="plainlinks">Join [ the chat]<br/>[[Image:lo-se-irci.svg|100px|link=]]<br/> and try talking to other Lojbanists when they appear there. Try asking them questions.</span></div>
|style="padding:3px;border:1px solid black;width: 50%;"| [[Image:yt-lesson in lojban i.png|link=]]<br/>«Lessons in Lojban» by Dustin Lacewell
Also check out [ Aesop's Fables for Lojban Learners], a work in progress. The intent is to start from very basic knowledge of Lojban, gradually learning new features through translating Aesop's Fables.
This is the resource officially approved by The Logical Language Group:
[[File:xuncku.png|thumb|The Complete Lojban Language|link=]]
* [ "The Complete Lojban Language", a reference grammar of Lojban]. This book will help those who already understand some Lojban. It's the most complete reference of Lojban language by far. It does not, however, teach vocabulary, style, or colloquial language. Please note that since the initial publication of the reference grammar, some language reforms such as [[How to use xorlo|xorlo]] have become widely adopted.
<!-- TODO: Add **OFFICIAL** word lists here if they exist and approved by LLG, by BPFK etc.! -->
=== Dictionaries ===
*[ la sutsisjbovlaste] is a prescriptive, editable, multilingual dictionary that can work offline.*[ It is considered by many to be the list current de-facto standard dictionary of gismu (root words) Lojban. Many other dictionaries and cmavo (particles)] and a [[Simple gismu|list of simple definitions of gismu]] (unofficial).[ are based on it.html The lists of gismu and cmavo with definitions in some languages in tsv and html formats]*[ la jbovlastevlasisku] is a highly popular multilingual an online English—Lojban dictionary and dictionary editing system. When new words , based on data of la jbovlaste; intended to be more user-friendly (such as compound words or loan words) are inventednote: it is only irregularily updated, they usually end la jbovlaste is more up here-to-date).*[https://sitesla-lojban.googlegithub.comio/sitesutysisku/slovlacukten/file-cabinet slovlacukt# la sutysisku] is an alternative online multilingual Lojban dictionary (including English) that also works offline dictionary. Updated at least once a month.*[ Stardict dictionaries in some languages] are (usable with [ GoldenDict], [ Dictionary Universal] , etc.)* [ Multilingual gismu (root word) and cmavo (particle) lists in tsv and html formats]*[[Word frequency lists|Word lists ordered by frequency of use.]]* An unofficial [[ Tatoeba.orgSimple gismu|list of simple definitions of gismu]] database has a large collection of sentences in Lojban (since it's a live database not all sentences might be correct). 
=== Software tools ===
* [] is a great place where you can learn offers on-line Lojban words online. Just register on that website, try several courses and use the one that you like mostvocabulary flashcards. Alternatively use [ Anki] (is a downloadable, Lojban decks are downloadable within the program)alternative.* [http://mwlojban.lojbanlilyx.orgnet/extensionszmifanva/ilmentufa/camxesA Lojban-to-expEnglish translator].html camxes] It is an automatic grammar checker of what you write in not precise, it can sometimes fail to correctly translate from English to Lojban (which is unique among all languages!)or vice versa. It can help you quickly understand whether your sentence is grammatically correctbe used to get at least some understanding of how Lojban works
=== [[Learning materials. Secondary links|Other learning materials ...]] ===
== Connect with the community ==
<!--[[Image:yt-the perfect-lang.png|240x160px|«The Perfect Language», an introduction to Lojban by [ Wesley Wilson]|link=|thumb]]-->[[Image:yt-ro lo maha datka.png|240x160px|«ro lo ma'a datka» and other Lojban songs by [[la guskant]]|link=|thumb]][[Image:yt-bripre jikca 9.png|240x160px|«bripre jikca», a community literary vlog|link=|thumb]][[Image:yt-baho.png|240x160px|«ba'o», a song by [ La Djemynai]|link=|thumb]] Lojban is spoken by a vibrant community of speakers, producing literature, music, and art, and solving together discussing questions regarding Lojbanabout language and thought. When the webcomic The web comic [ xkcd] said that , if you spoke Lojban, you'd have to be speaking Lojban speak with Lojbanists, it was indicating one of the best features of Lojban.That may not be such a bad thing! === IRC Instant messaging (Internet Relay Chattext chat) ===It will allow you* <!--At any time of day, there are likely to make friends,* be Lojbanists available on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to practice answer questions or engage in real-time Lojban conversation,. Join the chat in your browser with* to get your questions answered quickly when there are others around<span class="plainlinks">the [ Slack version of the chat],</span>* <span class="plainlinks">[{{Webchat url kiwi}} Join the chat in your browser with the KiwiIRC clientversion], or alternately </span>* <span class="plainlinks">[{{Webchat url qwebirc}} QWebIRC] browser-based clients, or</span>* [[Lojban_IRC#Trickier_ways_of_connecting|connect with the QWebIRC IRC clientof your choice]].There are three main channels (chat rooms):# #lojban for discussion about Lojban in any language# #ckule for the teaching of Lojban and questions from beginners in any Language# #jbosnu for discussions exclusively in Lojban The channels sometimes move slowly, so don't lose hope if you don't get a response immediately -- wait around a bit and someone is likely to see your message. Here is an [[IRC cheat sheet|cheat sheet]] for those unfamiliar with IRC.--> ====Connecting quickly====To get connected to Lojban chat use any of the following methods (your and others' messages will be available in all of them no matter which method you use). People involved in Lojban community usually read each day's backlog and will answer your questions within several hours and often even within minutes.<!--===Facebook messenger===Using this method you will be able to read the history of the chat since September 2018. # Install the free [ Facebook messenger] app on your Apple, Android or your desktop device# join main Lojban chat groups by following these links:#*<span class="plainlinks">[ lojban]</span> - talk in or about Lojban#*<span class="plainlinks">[ ckule]</span> - ask questions arising while your study of Lojban#*<span class="plainlinks">[ jbosnu]</span> - talk in Lojban only#*<span class="plainlinks">[ jboselbau]</span> - for any offtopic discussions :)-->====Telegram====Using this method you will be able to read the history of the chat since the beginning of 2016. # Install the free [ Telegram messenger] on your Apple, Android or your desktop device# join main Lojban chat groups by following these links:#*<span class="plainlinks">[ Lojban], [ ckule], [ jbosnu]</span># Ask questions on Lojban in '''ckule''' group, talk in or about Lojban in '''Lojban''' group and talk only in Lojban in '''jbosnu''' group.
Here are the three channels (====Discord====The chat rooms) that are displayed as tabs in the upper left corner of the chat windowis also connected to a [ Discord server]. * #lojban for basic discussions Ask questions on Lojban in any language,* #ckule for questions from new learners channel, talk in or about Lojban in any language #lojban channel and * talk only in Lojban in #jbosnu for discussions in Lojban onlychannel.Here is an [[IRC cheat sheet|IRC cheat sheet]] for people who are learning Lojban# Freely chat about anything to like-minded Lojbanists in the #jboselbau channel.
For advanced users: if ====Direct web access====Using this method you have an IRC software installed will be able to see messages that are sent only while you [[Lojban_IRCare connected.#Trickier_ways_of_connecting|can use it]] to connect Navigate to <span class="plainlinks">[{{Webchat url kiwi}} the [http:web-based IRC client (Kiwi)]<//freenodespan>, choose a nickname you want yourself to be known as, and click "Start".net/ Freenode] IRC network Easy! #Click on the channel you want (tabs on the top of the page), and type your text in the text bar at the bottom - the last line at the bottom of the IRC server host name is , the port number is 6667#Ask questions on Lojban in #ckule tab, talk in or 6697 for an SSL-encrypted connection) about Lojban in #lojban tab and join the channels mentioned abovetalk only in Lojban in #jbosnu tab. You may alternately try [[Lojban_Live_Chat#Direct_web_access|other methods of connecting]].
=== Mailing lists ===
{{Quote box |title = Ask The [ lojban-beginners mailing list] is for questions about learning and understanding Lojban. You can subscribe to the list by sending a question on Lojban<br>on the to [ mailing list for]. |qalign = center |align = right |width = 50% |border = 1px |bgcolor = #FAEFCF}}The general-purpose [ The Lojban Beginners Mailing Listlojban mailing list] is for discussions , which covers anything else related to learning Lojban. Anything about how to understand a part of the language, how to learn it better, study tools, actual teaching sessionswas founded in 1989, and so on, is on topic. Nothing else ishas about 500 subscribers. You can also subscribe to it by sending your first question an email to []. Wait until it is approved and others reply to it.
=== Social media ===Lojban has a presence on many of the most popular web sites: [[Image:Facebook_Logo_Mini.svg|12px|link=]] [ Facebook], [[Image:Google plus icon.svg|12px|link=]] [ The Lojban General Mailing List105661163321603750740 Google+] is another way to get your questions answered. It has about 500 subscribers, and has existed more[[Image:reddit-or-less continuously since 198912. You can also subscribe to it by sending a question to [mailtopng|12px|link=http:lojban@googlegroups// /r/lojban@googlegroups/]] [ Reddit], [[Image:quora.=== la jbotcan ==png|12px|link=[http://jbotcanwww.quora.orgcom/ la jbotcanLojban]] is a simple image board where one posts images and comments them and discuss other random stuff[http://www. The atmosphere is very informal herequora. There is a com/Lojban and an English versionQuora].=== 3rd-party websites ===Some Lojban people also have organized themselves on several 3rd-party websites, such as:
[[Image:Facebook_Logo_Mini.svg|12px|link=]] [ Facebook], [[Image:Google plus icon.svg|12px|link=]] [ Google+], [[Image:reddit-12.png|12px|link=]] [ Reddit], [[Image:quora.png|12px|link=]] [ Quora].
=== International Contacts ===
*[[Image:yt higher logic.png|240x160px|an exposition by [[User:Guskant|la guskant]] in Japanese|link=|thumb]] {| class="wikitable"! &nbsp; !! Languages spoken|-| [[User:Selpahi|la selpa'i]]&nbsp;(English, German),&nbsp;<br/> []|| English, German|-*| [[User:Gleki|la gleki]]&nbsp;(English, Russian),&nbsp;<br/> [ bangu@gmaillojban.comorg]|| English, Russian*|-| [[User:Ilmen|la ilmen]]&nbsp;(English, French),&nbsp;<br/> []|| English, French|-*| [[User:Tsani|la tsani]]&nbsp;(English, French),&nbsp;<br/> []|| English, French*|-| [[User:xorxes|la xorxes]]&nbsp;(English, Spanish),&nbsp;<br/> []|| English, Spanish*|-| [[User:Guskant|la guskant]]&nbsp;(English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Esperanto),&nbsp;<br/> []|| English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Esperanto|-*| [[User:Remod|la remod]]&nbsp;(English, Italian),&nbsp;<br/> []|| English, Italian|} 
=== [[Lojban around the world]] - other ways of communication ... ===
== What's next? ==
*Write your own original texts (prosa or poetry) in Lojban or translations. Start writing a blog or a personal diary*Continue memorizing the vocabulary and using Lojban as much as you can! Once you know what words you want to learn, you could try [[Lojbanic Software|additional memorization software]] to vastly improve your vocabulary.*Try reading proofread (proofed by at least one Lojbanist in addition to the author) Lojban [[te gerna la lojban|texts]], starting . Start with short-something shorter and-easy through to long-and-difficult. For example, read easier such as "[[la .teris. po'u lo tirxu cu vitke zi'o le barda tcadu|Terry the Tiger]] " (you can listen to this one too!audio is available), then one of the Berenstain Bears books, for example or "[[The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin]]" ([ a parser suitable to those two texts]). When you're ready, then move on to "[[le cmalu noltru|The Little Prince]]" (suitable parser: [ camxes]) and "[ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz]" (suitable parser: [[maftufa]]). * You could contribute to Try your hand at translating into Lojban, or write your own original texts: Poetry, prose, blogs, tweets, etc.* Continue learning vocabulary using [[Lojbanic Software|memorization software]].* Help expand the [ jbovlaste dictionary interface] by adding new translating Lojban words. You could also translate some definition into one of the manyother languages, many languages that jbovlaste supports.Lojban means different things to different people:*a linguistic curiosity - a test-bed for language experimentation*a way to expand their mind or discipline their thought*the desire for precise expression*a coin new way to look at languages*a fun way to meet compound words and communicate with friends, entertainment, a challenge, art, software application add them... the list goes on!What will Lojban mean for you?
===[[What's next?|More info ...]]===
{{----<div style="font-size:nuzba90%;">This web site is dedicated to documenting Lojban and the activities of the Lojban-using community, and also serves as the official web site of the [[Logical Language Group]] (LLG), a non-profit organization founded in 1987 to promote the scientific study of the relationships between language, thought and human culture.</en}}div> 
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