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<!--[[File:la kotias.jpg|thumbnail]]-->
[[File:detkehu be fi li 25 salci.jpeg|thumb|right|300px|Lojban 25th Anniversary celebration, 2013, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.]]
L'''''o'''''jban Lojban (pronounced as [ˈloʒban]) is a constructed language, based around the rules of predicate logic.
==A short introduction to Lojban==
*Lojban is an experiment in language — the grammar is regular, simpler than most natural languages, but complex in its own unique way. Lojban is an experiment in thought, as well, it wishes to see how these unique language structures affect thought and cognition.
=== Official resources ===
* [ The full grammar of Lojban]. This book will teach you how to read and use Lojban, what the different types of words and grammatical constructs do, how to use them and interpret them and how to express yourself in Lojban. It will not, however, teach you vocabulary, style, spoken flow, nor other aspects involved in really learning about and using a human language.
:'''IMPORTANT NOTE:''' Since the publication of the full grammar there has been a change to the semantics of Lojban articles known as [[How to use xorlo|xorlo]]. These changes simplify the grammar usage in that aspect and are the new system is not difficult to grasp. Please keep this reform in mind when consulting the official reference grammar, as it was effectively published before the approval of xorlo.<!-- TODO: Add **OFFICIAL** word lists here! -->
=== Unofficial and supplemental resources ===
A various set of unofficial learning resources has been created. They are non-authoritiveauthoritative, but said to be more beginner-friendly.
* A set of [[pronunciation|pronunciation guides]] are available to help you speak Lojban.
* [ Lojban in simple phrases], an introduction to Lojban. Allows you to quickly understand the basics of a common Lojban sentence.

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