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{{gl|nanca|x1 is of duration of x2 years}}
'''nanca''' specifies the duration , and in order two too say ''two years long'' you fill the second place with a number prefixed with '''li''':
{{mu|mi nanca li re re|I am 22 years old.}}
In order to say ''in year 2014'' we use '''moi''':
The basic verb for dates is
{{gl|datru|x1 (event) is dated/pertaining to day/occurring on day x2 of month x3 of year x4 in calendar x5}}
The default calendar is the standard Western one as it is international. If you want to use, for example, the Arabic or Chinese calendars, you can put '''lo xrabo''' or '''lo jungo''' in the fourth fifth place. (As always, context is important — in a discussion of Islamic history we would probably assume that the Arabic calendar was being used).
We can therefore say

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