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Removed from Stuff to be removed from the language:

This meta-thread should go elsewhere

Uhh... Some of us rather disagree. You might want to rename this Stuff someone thinks shouldn't be in the language and is unwilling to let you form your own opinion about with an uncontroversial page name.

The whole Tinkering section is Personal Opinion stuff and serves as a locus both for records of individuals' controversial opinions and for debate about them. I added cultural gismu to start the page off, because that's probably the feature with the largest number of enemies among Lojbanists. -mi'e And Rosta

I might add, btw, that Capitalizing Every Word Like This is an established convention of ironizing in English. --mi'e And Rosta

True; but (a) "Some Think Shouldn't Be..." would be a less polemical way of putting it; (b) I'm uneasy about this title appearing on the Front Page of the Lojban wiki; (c) This could encompass most things under 'Tinkering' -- Bloated Gismu, Hateful Cmavo, &c &c. Btw, Tinkering is long overdue for its own page, methinks. -- nitcion

Okay. I've moved some pages to a page called BPFK Section: Opinionated Gripes. I've left on the front page those that are relatively more positive and less complainey. Hope all this meets with relative approbation. --And Rosta

. *applause* -- nitcion.