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I have been playing around with a different alphabet order for lojban.

So far I have though of something that orders the numbers in the correct order, as well as having a "lujvo" sort of sound to it.

 pa re ci vo mu xa ze bi so no

p  r  c  v  m  x  z  b  s  no

(Unfortunately no had to go at the end. ):

prc (vmj|vmt|vkm) xzd (bsl|bst|brs|bsn)

prc: pruce process

vmj: vamji value

vmt:vamtu vomit

vkm:vikmi excrete

xzd: xazdo Asiatic

bsl: bisli ice

bst: basti replace

brs: bersa son

bsn: basna emphasize

That is just one of the possible layouts I have discovered. But not complete, I am unsure how to order everything afterwards.

With the vowels, they would follow the constants as that's how lojban usually works, so perhaps:


I suppose it's suggestion and flaming time. Shoot. - mi'e aryrain

Completely forgot about rasfi...

np rc vm xz bs

(nip|nup) (rac|rec|ric|ruc) (vam|vim) xaz (bas|bis|bes|bus)

pr cv mx zb sn

(pr(aeiou)|p(aeiou)r) c(aieu)v zb(aei) (sn(aeiou)|s(aeiou)n)

PA2 with the exception of rei and fai is doable. However the SE cmavo are a bit broken. (Split in to 2 parts.) ba ca pu seem to help "guide" your memory of the first 3 rasfi based, or the first 2 and the last gismu based.

East and west (of...) are in opposite directions.

ni'u ma'u

- mi'e aryrain

Another reason I did this was I remembered this from a Japanese discussion I had a while back regarding remembering large numbers:


- mi'e aryrain