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The Lojban dictionary is a gismu dictionary that i wrote to help make learning lojban easier. It is meant to be a dictionary that is used in conjunction with the Lojban Tutorial.

Currently this dictionary allows you to search for the place structure of all gismus in lojban or english. The interface is pretty self explanatory.

To use the dictionary please follow these steps:

  1. Download all 3 files attached to this wiki.
  2. Put them in a folder named LojbanDictionary.
  3. Double click on the file named "LojbanDictionary.jar".
  4. Enjoy.

No installation is necessary.

If you are using are using a Mac you do not have to download any additional software. However if you are running windows you may need to download the latest java runtime.

Have fun!

Note: This software is provided for free. You may distribute it at will but you may not sell it.

Note2: Please contact me if you have any suggestions to improve the dictionary. I'll be glad to implement it, if its good.