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  • bow kruvi ga'arce'a
    • recurve bow cibroikru ga'arce'a
    • compound bow pluja kruvi ga'arce'a
    • longbow clani kruvi ga'arce'a
    • limbs ga'arce'a jimca
    • riser ga'arce'a veljai
    • string ga'arce'a cilta
    • arrow shelf ga'ardanti se vreta
  • arrow ga'ardanti
    • point ga'ardanti jipno
    • shaft ga'ardanti grana
    • fletching ga'ardanti nalci
    • nock ga'ardanti terjai
  • quiver ga'ardanti vasru
  • arm guard bircalku
  • tab degycalku

i'm leaving a lot of these as tanru, because in the context of arrows, for instance, nalci ought to be fairly clear. however, if you're referring to them out of context, etc, then the seltau is needed to clarify.

See also guknu on