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#REDIRECT [[Lojban timeline]]
'''<-- [[Year 2000]]'''
''nanca li renonopa le xisycedra''
''nanca li zejaupa ju'u paxa zu'i''
==== A year of tremendous apparent growth for Lojban! ''(but not actual growth?!)'' ====
* The [[Lojban Mailing List|Mailing List]] saw 7,629 messages in 2001. More than half the total traffic on onelist/egroups/yahoogroups mailing list! (59.9% as of the end of 2001.)
* [http://www.balvi.org balvi] announced, [http://nuzban.wiw.org nuzban] announced.
* The [http://www.digitalkingdom.org/lojban/alice/index.html Alice in Wonderland] translation was started.
* Parts of the requisite information for The [[Rosetta Project|Rosetta Project]] have been submitted.
* Tiki wiki was started.
* [[User:Nick Nicholas|Nick Nicholas]] started (and mostly completed) his lessons.
** .i .ii ca lo bazi djedi doi do'u ca lo bazi djedi -- mi'e [[nitcion]]
* [[Robin Lee Powell|Robin Lee Powell]] started an interactive mailing list [[About Lojban story|story game]].
''How many new Lojbanists this year? I know I'm not the only one. - mi'e. [[.kreig.daniyl.|.kreig.daniyl.]]''
Add me. ''mi'e [[jezrax|jezrax]]''
ji'a mi po'u la [[.greg.|.greg.]]
Not me! I'm [[Year 2000|ast year]]. :) --[[Jay Kominek|Jay]]
'''--> [[Year 2002]]'''

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