xo'a lodji hoa

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Why lodji & not logji?

logji: x1 is logic for reasoning about x2

lodji: x1 is logic for inferring x2 from x3

I wish to utilize the x3 place; i could as well have said:

logji fi'o jicmu le imei (or whatever)... le za'e jamro ?

But there are also the primordial overtones of using a Loglan prim.

One could translate this, then: "Logick".

Using ja'a...& some experimental operators.

What do i want this for? Consider how one would translate the gnomic statement from Twin Peaks: "The owl flies at midnight", where a nonliteral & nonspecific (or at least not directly metaphorical) meaning is clearly indicated:

fu'epe'a (or ja'acu'i?) le glauka cu vofli ca le nicte midju.

Or Housman's "It rains into the sea,/ And still the sea is salt." Much more than a figurative statement, here... lo carvi le xamsi cu farlu .iseni'inaibo silna le xamsi.