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Backside of title page: the PCIP says "Artficial language". This is apparently our OCR/transcription error, and is correct in Quality Books' original PCIP.

  • The issue there being that "Artificial" should have an i between the t and the f. My fault, actually. -Robin

Page ii: Philip Newton is misspelled as Philip Netwon.

  • .oi.uinairu'e mi'enai filip.netuon. mi'e filip.niutyn.

Steven Lytle comes out as the non-cmene laitl.

Page 137: missing space between "cmana" and "is".

Page 163: "velciski" should be "velciksi".

End of the grammar section (not sure what page): The long formula integrating over bottles of water needs a "vei" just after ri'o. Dammit. -Robin