the Post-Ironic Era

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Which i conventionally date from 2-23-87 (the first supernova seen in our galaxy since the invention of the telescope).

The age in which irony is generally seen as having outlived its usefulness; or rather, has become a tic & not an authentic response.

di'u srana la lojban ki'u ma .i ko casnu le sizranxi gi'e zgana le puvycasnu xelkla kruca .i ju'osai ba kruca

Too bad it's not over yet. Mired in it and unable to get away, squarely in Gen-X, I am rather sick of it. To me it signals an advanced state of Nihilism, best summed by the album title "Nothing matters and what if it did?" --xod

Or, In Lojban :-) , .i mi xenru lenu za'o na'e sisti.i mi noi se malvanbi le cedra goi ko'a; gi'e na ka'e rivbi ri ki'u lenu mi birti cmima le xymoi jbecedra; cu carmi se rigni ko'a.i pe'i ko'a sinxa lo tcefarvi ka natfykrici poi xamgu se torsku le tcita be lo zgivei be'opo'u "lu ro da na vajni .i da'i ja'a go'i nagi'a ja'ebo mo .a'enai li'u -- mi'e nitcion

In Lojban, unlike English, you have to flag ironic statements (just as figurative ones--unless you're a tavlykai xarnu) and thus the basic meaning of words is not subject to the same erosion. But in a context of compulsive ironicizing, this marking itself has heretical force.

ma barna sinxa le nunranxi bau le lojbo (ku .a lu je'unai li'u) i ku'i le ka jitfa na mintu le ka ranxi

Check out this article.

rajdinju cedra 1883-2001

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