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There have been discussions about some Southern California jbopre getting together monthly.

Such a meeting might include TheodoreReed, ChrisForno, MikeKnowlton and BobGriffin. Maybe others.

Location being discussed would be somewhere around the Pomona transcenter, so that both TheodoreReed and ChrisForno can take their respective local bus lines. Any other suggestions?

Update as of 19 Jan 2003: TheodoreReed and ChrisForno are meeting tomarrow to scout out possible locations.

We found a park with a large cement platform (circular, 20' diameter or so). No chairs, but it is covered. We could sit on the ground or bring chairs. -- TheodoreReed

  • I thought Ted moved to the bay area... and pretty much everybody else. If anybody is near Hollywood, stop by and let me know you're coming. We'll do coffee or something. -- lindar