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The source text is from:

Norman Rosenthal, 'Auerbach and his history'. In Catherine Lampert, Norman Rosenthal & Isabel Carlisle (eds.) (2001) Frank Auerbach: Paintings and drawings 1954-2001. London: Royal Academy of Arts. 10-17.

The way this was chosen was that I decided in advance was that a 'fair' test would be to choose the first paragraph of the first book that came to hand; through the method of choosing it, that text might have some claim to being average, and thereby give us some idea of how we face up to the challenge of translating an 'average' text. Also, the decision to use the first paragraph meant that the text would not be based on prior context that the translators would not have access to.


  • 2002/08/18: Text (finally) emailed from ColinWright.
  • 2002/05/05: When I get it from Jay I'll post the results. --And.
  • 2002/02/27: Text, now in ruins, has finally reached Jay. --And.
    • Err Jay hasn't been around much recently...
      • Sorry, busy trying to graduate. :/ --jay

Round 4 is indeed underway. I will post the results here when they're in.


  1. .and. ([email protected]) translates to Lojban
  1. xorxes. ([email protected]) translates to English
  1. lidaniyl. ([email protected]) translates to Lojban
  1. kreig.daniyl. ([email protected]) translates to English
  1. xod. ([email protected]) translates to Lojban
  1. pier. ([email protected]) translates to English
  1. Bj�rn Gohla ([email protected]) translates to Lojban
  1. greg.daik. ([email protected]) translates to English
  1. rab.spir. ([email protected]) translates to Lojban
  1. Colin Wright translates to English


1. .and. ([email protected]) translates to Lojban

2. xorxes. ([email protected]) translates to English

3. lidaniyl. ([email protected]) translates to Lojban

4. kreig.daniyl. ([email protected]) translates to English

5. xod. ([email protected]) translates to Lojban

6. pier. ([email protected]) translates to English

7. Bj�rn Gohla ([email protected]) translates to Lojban

8. tsali ([email protected]) translates to English

9. rab.spir. ([email protected]) translates to Lojban

10. greg.daik. ([email protected]) translates to English