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I wrote a little perl script that uses jvocuhadju to create random lujvo (and asks you for the veljvo, to practice recognition). I'm astonished by how many of these lujvo make perfect sense--especially the shorter ones.

I'll be releasing the code soon.

A few of my favorites:

  • jindi'i - djine jdini
  • kalbau - kanla bangu
  • pamdri - prami badri
  • relbla - re blanu (to kanla toi)
  • sezyfi'a - sevzi cfika
  • skoli'i - skori linji
  • baknazre'a - bakni nazbi remna
  • glisnuspo - glico casnu daspo
  • neirlazyzau - nelci lanzu zanru
  • vesyji'ipra - vensa jinvi cupra
  • dajyjdacfaju'o - dadjo lijda cfari djuno

Others are... difficult to interpret in the context of the real world.

  • tugdacydacmegdo - tugni dacru dacru megdo
  • cecyje'e - ce jetce (a bizarre calque for "jet set"?)

I will not be surprised if randomly-created lujvo end up in the active vocabulary. I intend to use relbla myself, and baknazre'a is a fine insult (remnazbakni works if you prefer to attack intelligence and character rather than appearance).

mi'e jezrax