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The Discordian Calendar / le kamlijda veldetri

The Discordian calendar divides the year into five seasons (commonly known as Chaos (la kalsa), Discord (la tolsarxe), Confusion (la cfipu), Bureaucracy (la lujycatni) and the Aftermath (la jalge) ) of

73 days each. Every four years, an extra day (St. Tib's Day / la tib noi vrude) is inserted between Chaos 59 and Chaos 60.

The Discordian calendar defines a week as having five days, named Sweetmorn(la titcer), Boomtime (la bumtem), Pungenday (la pynjdei/cpinydei), Prickle-Prickle (la kilkil) and Setting Orange

(after the Five Elements). Chaos 1 is always Sweetmorn, Chaos 2 Boomtime, The Aftermath 73 Setting Orange(la canci narju), etc. St. Tib's Day is none of the

five days of the week.

The Discordian calendar's year 0 (notionally the time of the Original Snub) is known in the Gregorian calendar as 1166 BC; alternatively, the

Gregorian year 0 (notionally the birth of the Jewish mystic Yeshua ben Yosef) is known as 1166 YOLD in the Discordian calendar. The year

known in the Gregorian calendar as 2001 is known as 3167 in the Discordian calendar.

Alternate translations / suggestions are solicited.