put out your eyes as if they were a fire

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I wrote a poem in reaction to ick Morneau's call to avoid metaphor in conlangs. See he Daily Whale from 0 July 2001.

A Note to Artificial Language Designers

Put out your eyes as if they were a fire.

Put out your eyes as if they were the trash.

Put out your eyes: They're just a metaphor.

Now let's get down and mosh.

I actually have a lot to say about metaphor. I suppose someday I'll get around to saying it.

mi'e jezrax

About as oblique as Helsem, only in English instead of zirpu.

Neither of us seems oblique to me zo'o. I don't feel fluent enough to write in verse yet, but I'm learning. I have some ideas about how to adapt verse forms to the nature of the language. mi'e jezrax