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* [[User:John Cowan|John Cowan]], [[jbocre: The Complete Lojban Language|The Complete Lojban Language]], ISBN 0-9660283-0-9
'''me la [[jbocre: sapir .uorf.|sapir .uorf.]]'''
* [[jbocre: Geoffrey Sampson|Geoffrey Sampson]], Review of The Complete Lojban Language by J.W. Cowan, Journal of Linguistics 35 447-8 (1999)
* [[Alan Libert|Alan Libert]], [[jbocre: A Priori Artificial Languages|A Priori Artificial Languages]], Lincom Europa, (Languages of the World, 24) ISBN 3-89586-667-9
ko lei do se mipri le
[[jbocre: rairsutra|rairsutra]] to'e morji ca dunda
.i [[jbocre: lo narju|lo narju]] joi [[jbocre: rijno|rijno]]
fasnu ba [[jbocre: snuji|snuji]] ro lei drata
.i zo'e tagji logji
Give your secrets
to the fastest forgetter.
An orange & silver
event will sandwich all the others.
Something snugly logics.
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