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What is Lojban Quest?

If you don't know it yet you should read this esign document by Eppcott.

What is this Guide?

This Guide guides you to the world of Lojban Quest (which is inside The Lojban MOO and tells you about what you can do there and how you can do it.

The Guide assumes you use English as your MOO language. If you prefer Lojban, see jbocre: LojbanQuest: Tutorial

How to get there

You log into The Lojban MOO as you'd usually do and go to The moo entrance. This is the place you first start out. it's description reads something like this:

~pp~The moo entrance.

There is a fire, but other than that there is no light and no breeze. You stand on a beach next to a still body of water which stretches into a pure, starless, and unreflective darkness

to an unknown size.

This text floats in the air:

fi'i vitke be fi le ba'o nu zasti fa lo sutra sezyze'a lo ka mencre kei kei ko .e'o rivbi lo nu cpedu lo rinka be lo dubna'e .i ko zanfri lo vitno

.i mu'o mi'e le kurji

which is Lojban for "

Welcome to the aftermath of the Singularity. Please refrain from making requests that cause paradox. Have a nice eternity.

The Management

". To the north, there is a building of purple rock, seemingly ancient and holy.

You see the fishbowl, the comfy chair, the titnanba, the LojbanQuest amulet dispenser, jbofi'e, Turgul, and djancak here.

Visible exits are: south, east, west, north, and up.~/pp~

To get to the LojbanQuest world you use an Amulet, which you can aquire with the following command:

use the LojbanQuest amulet dispenser

~pp~You get a the amulet from the LojbanQuest amulet dispenser.

You should probably use the shortcut command to make a shortcut to the new the amulet so you can find it easily later.~/pp~

Now put the amulet on in order to get to the Lojban Quest world: wear my amulet

~pp~You put on the amulet.

You are now playing LojbanQuest!

You dissapears in a flash of light from its amulet, bound for the fantastic adventures of LojbanQuest!

The kalsa.

Butterflies flutter here like strange attractors. Conditions in this nonlinear space appear to have been exremely sensitive to initial conditions. The effects are out of all proportion to their cause.

It's a Rorschach test on fire.

It's a day-glow pterodactyl.

It's a heart-shaped box of springs and wire.

It's one badass fucking fractal.

You see the Test Chest, the palci spero, the palci gerku, Rizen, milamber, the atom, Marn, epkat, and the amulet here.

Visible exits are: talsa.~/pp~

Congratulations! You are now in LQ World!

How to get back to the normal World

You just have to stop wearing the amulet, like so: take off my amulet

~pp~You take off your amulet.

You stop playing LojbanQuest.

You dissapears in a flash of light from its amulet, leaving the realms of LojbanQuest.~/pp~

What you can do in here

You can fight!

You might have noticed, that there are two evil persons in the room you're in: the palci spero (evil esperantist) and the palci gerku (evil dog)

As they are both evil they both deserve to get a little spanking, don't you think? ;)

The combat System

Combat in LQ world is based completely around Lojban. You attack other people and enemies using Lojban sentences. You form those with words out of your wordbags.


Wordbags contain the words you can shoot at your enemies - so called Wordshots.

See what you've got! words

~pp~You have the following cmavo:

Cu #5 1 do #5 1 le #10 1 mi #5 1 nu #5 1

se #5 1

You are carrying 35 cmavo of a possible maximum of 100.

You have the following gismu:

Cmalu #2 4 cusku #3 1 klama #3 4 mutce #3 3 tavla #2 5

zvati #2 4

You are carrying 15 gismu of a possible maximum of 50.~/pp~

that's not terribly much, is it? oh well!

The numbers behind the # show how many wordshots you got of a word and the number next to that is the amount of damage a word will cause under normal circumstances.

You have means of getting more of those Wordshots, but we'll talk about that later on.

actually attacking

The command for attacking is cast spell at enemy

let's go ahead and give the snobbish esperantist a little punch, shall we?

cast "do mutce tavla mi" at the palci spero

~pp~You cast the attack spell "do mutce tavla mi" at the palci spero for 10 damage!

The palci spero casts the attack spell "poi ba barda nelci" at you for 17 damage! Ouch!~/pp~

woops, that wasn't so good! let's have a look at how much beating we can still take!

looking at the stats

using the command status reveals our stats:

~pp~Your dexterity is 1. Your current health is 183. Your maximum health is 200. You have 0 gold pieces.~/pp~


before we jump back into combat we should try to get healthy again. Fortunately wordshots are not only good for hurting, but also for healing:

Another look into our wordbag and we come up with a sentence to heal ourselves:

heal "le klama cu mutce cmalu" at me

~pp~You cast the healing spell "le klama cu mutce cmalu" at you for 13 points of healing.

The palci spero casts the attack spell "djica" at you for 6 damage! Ouch!

It's your turn to cast a spell in your fight against the palci spero.~/pp~

woops, ouch! looks like the evil esperantist didn't like our attempt at becoming all healthy again! That's because we're still fighting the evil esperantist and healing used up one of our turns :(

Getting new words - The Chest Game

After a few turns of fighting and healing our wordbag went pretty dry, didn't it?

Let's get a few more. You might have noticed that there is also a chest lying around: the Test Chest

it contains all the words we'd ever want!

use the Test Chest

~pp~Using "choose N" or "pick N", where N is a sentence number, please select from the following sentences the one you believe was written by a human.

1: le klama cu zvati le mutce tavla

2: zo nu cusku ta lei nu ciska

3: ku'i do cusku ci stedu je cusku

4: le gunka cu ca ka'e zvati sutra

5: lei mi troci cu se djica ri~/pp~

number 4 seems quite human-ish!

pick 4

~pp~Sorry, that's not a human sentence.~/pp~

oops :( let's try that again: pick 1

~pp~Congratulations! You are correct.~/pp~



~pp~You have the following cmavo:

Ci #1 10 cu #6 1 do #5 1 je #1 2 ku'i #1 2

le #11 1 lei #2 2 mi #5 1 nu #7 1 ri #1 5

se #6 1 ta #1 7 zo #1 3

You are carrying 48 cmavo of a possible maximum of 100.

You have the following gismu:

Ciska #1 9 cmalu #1 4 cusku #6 1 djica #1 6 klama #3 4

mutce #2 3 stedu #1 9 tavla #2 5 troci #1 8 zvati #3 4

You are carrying 21 gismu of a possible maximum of 50.~/pp~

Not bad, we certainly got stronger now that we've got a 10 damage word :)

Dropping Useless Words

Try: drop "cu" (or whatever) to get rid of words you don't want.