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||{img attId="831"}=runs on linux File:830 runs on macFile:829 runs on windowsFile:832 runs in browser or universally||

Separate Software Sections

Lojban Games

||File:831 File:829 | Nick Nicholas translated the text of olossal Cave in 1991. Robin Lee Powell has heroically translated that translation into a working game - see Colossal Cave for that, and also for the Inform Localisation files needed to create your own Lojbanic IF.

File:829 | olour Bind is a physics platform-puzzler set in an abstract world where gravity is determined not by mass, but by colour. It features a full Lojban translation by Lindar. The game is available on team. ||


||File:831 | A im filetype plugin for convenient word-list lookup, auto-lujvoification, and other useful things.

File:831 | ojban-mode syntax highlighting and other support code for emacs

File:831 | bofacki is a jbofihe/camxes CLI shell with Tab-completion of valsi and rafsi, colorized word lookups by literal name or string, etc. Intended for increased fun in exploring the construction of Lojban texts/sentences; also useful as a aid to memory (mi'e la kampu). Requires Python 2.5+, and currently also makfa-cli for generation + update of dictionary data.||


||File:832 | oogle custom search engine for Lojban resources

File:831 | A im interface to the yahoo jbosnu archives.

File:832 | Arnt Richard Johansen's Prolog tools implements some predicates related to Lojban word shapes.

File:831 | {file name=viewtool-src.tar.gz showdesc=1}
{file name=viewtool-NOTES.txt showdesc=1}
{file name=viewtool.patch1 showdesc=1}

File:832 | {file name=lojtalk.zip showdesc=1}

File:832 | A ava version of the jbovlaste is available for offline use.

File:832 | lastezba] for automatically creating a glossary, given a text file containing Lojban. Great for making learning texts accessible to those of limited vocabulary.

File:829 | cmavlasisku is a .NET-based dictionary program that parses vlasisku pages for answers. It supports defining Lojban words, searching by English gloss, searching by rafsi, and listing the contents selma'o. -- by Djeikyb ||

Discussion about software

Dead stuff

These are abandoned projects or just broken links. If you are the author of one of the projects listed here, and that project is not dead, merely the link is broken, please fix it!

  • Broken link: alfa'i - An online dictionary.
  • Broken link: anfa'i - Another online dictionary, also for download.
  • Broken link: elylerga'i - online lojban orthography convertor (currently Latin -> Arabic, Tengwar, Turkish, or IPA).
  • Broken link: lismu is Eimi's fact-based lojban random sentence generator. additions to fatci.txt are welcome!
  • Contains broken links: bancus wrote an IRC bot to play a game similar to 5x5 called mumym
  • i18n started being implemented for Tremulous, a free online first-person shooter.