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  • 30 March 2014 Thanks to the efforts of gleki and Robin, the Lojbanic MediaWiki was rededicated as the new main web site. The older site is still available at [] for the time being.
  • 24 February 2015 LLG Members at the 2014 Annual Meeting approved a reauthorization of BPFK. BPFK is reorganized as a standing committee with the charge of improving and maintaining formal descriptions of Lojban, elaborating undocumented and under-documented language features, resolving inconsistencies and errors in existing documentation, and responding to issues that arise in usage.
  • 17 January 2015 An IRC session of the 2014 Annual Meeting has been announced for Sunday, January 18, 2015, to take place in the #lojban channel at at 4pm UTC (8am PST, 11am EST, 5pm Paris/Berlin, 7pm Moscow, 1am January 19 Tokyo). The topic of the session will be CLL and the future of BPFK. See the Lojban IRC for details of how to connect to IRC.
  • 13 January 2015 John Cowan was awarded the honorary title of "Archgrammarian" or "balgenpre" in recognition of the magnitude of his contributions to Lojban, and his many years as a member, director and officer of LLG.
  • 10 January 2015 The 2014 election for the Logical Language Group Board of Directors, held among members at the 2014 Annual Meeting (ongoing), was finalized: Arkadii Balandin, Craig B. Daniel, Ali Sajid Imani, Riley Martinez-Lynch, and And Rosta were newly elected to the Board. Robert LeChevalier and Timo Paulssen were re-elected.
  • 15 December 2014 At the 2014 Annual Meeting of LLG (ongoing), an unprecedented nine lojbanists from six different countries were admitted as voting members of the Logical Language Group. Welcome az, durka, gleki, guskant, ilmen, mukti, selpa'i, tsani, and xalbo!
  • 15 November 2014 "bripre jikca 9", the tenth and final episode of "bripre jikca", is now available. The theme is {skari} ("color") and it includes texts by keidji, niftg, mukti, xorxes, and junpen on that topic, as well as readings by mizu'e and durka42.
  • 31 October 2014 "bripre jikca 8", the ninth episode of "bripre jikca", is now available. The theme is {fulta} ("floating") and it includes chef mankant's recipe for a floating island, and texts on that subject from durka42 and niftg. Submissions are requested by November 8 for the next episode (theme: {skari} -- "color"), to be published November 15. bripre and mankant are taking a well deserved vacation, so this will be the last episode for the time being.