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Here are some educational documents, listed in ascending order of complexity.

  1. jbocre: What Is Lojban?, The Book hat Is Lojban?, an introductory book covering a wide range of basic information on the Lojban language.
  1. Robin Turner and Nick Nicholas's ojban For Beginners lessons. The textbook is licensed under a reative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
  1. [ ��Diagrammed Summary of Lojban Grammar Forms with Example Sentences”]
  1. Everyday Lojban is a wiki course developed by the community to improve your spoken Lojban. It comprises a constantly growing set of dialogues from everyday life, translated into Lojban with comments. The difficulty varies from the beginners level to the advanced level.
  1. A Lojban phrasebook.

After these, see Lojban For Advanced Students.

For vocabulary, you can browse bovlaste, a Lojban dictionary system.

There is also a DF of the first 19 pages of the Level 0 booklet.


You can oin the Lojban beginners' e-mail list and other Lojbanic Forums.

Software tools

There is a Lojban-to-English translator at [1].

You could also try jbocre: Parallel 2, a multimedia program for implicit learning of Lojban (and other languages). Modules developed for jbocre: Parallel 2 are strongly influenced by "Lojban for Beginners" lessons.

Other Software assisted learning oportunities are available as well.