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A widely misunderstood phrase:
* The [[jbocre: Old LLG Registration Form|Old LLG Registration Form]], allowing you to notify us of your interest in Lojban
* Our [[jbocre: Old LLG Order Form|Old LLG Order Form]], allowing you to get printed copies of many of the materials on this site, or to order the reference grammar book, [[jbocre: The Complete Lojban Language|The Complete Lojban Language]].
* It does not mean that only "logical" things (true statements, sound arguments) can be expressed.
* Some notes about [[jbocre: The Loglan-Lojban Dispute|the differences]] between Lojban and [http://www.loglan.org/ Loglan], another version of the language, with an explanation of the reasons for having two versions (from the Lojban viewpoint).
* It does not mean that Lojban is restricted to the machinery of first-order predicate logic, or any other logic.
* A [http://www.lojban.org/publications/brochures/lojex.txt diagrammed grammar summary with examples], giving the basics of Lojban. Rather technical and dense.
* An essay on [[jbocre: gismu Brochure|the Lojban gismu]].
* A [[jbocre: Lojban Mini-Lesson|Lojban Mini-Lesson]], teaching the basics of the language, with exercises.
* It does not mean that a bridi must be considered true or false, excluding other possibilities.
* The minilesson and the diagrammed summary have been combined in a somewhat simpler form in [http://www.lojban.org/publications/reference_grammar/chapter2.html Chapter 2 of the Reference Grammar].
* The [[jbocre: Overview Of Lojban|Overview Of Lojban]], an older summary of key concepts of the language
* Information [[jbocre: About The Logical Language Group|About The Logical Language Group]], la lojbangirz.
* [http://www.lojban.org/files/texts/archives/ texts/archives]. This is Lojbab's full text and text discussion archive (which is actually only complete up until around 1993). See the directory for details.
* It does mean that the expressiveness and precision of logic are available when you want them.
* It also means other forms of expression are availible also, there is a tertau there as well.
[[jbocre: Logic Language Draft 1.1]]

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