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  • famyma'o trailing-cmavo ("terminator")
  • datytsani Other-Sky ("Dreamtime")
  • teryranmi mythos
  • zasyspo temporarily-destroy
  • samymri e-mail
  • lizyzi'e the experience of being free
  • ticycfi deceiver-flaw
  • luryri'e lunar river
  • zugygei guilt-happy
  • gubybre public-ready
  • bevyvau carry-container
  • jadydai adorn-object
  • zumymlu the activity of seeming
  • pupypei the process of thinking
  • sizyzei the idea of crime ("transgression")
  • dabybai fight-compeller
  • noryru'i quasi-spirit ("ghost")
  • tolyla'a unfasten
  • selylacri reliable, relied upon
  • balylabybu'u fine, white cloth (trans. of Hebrew xur in Esther)
  • cucycau barefoot (shoe-lacking)

It might be too late to change it now, but I prefer the term za'e zo "cijyjvo". I would have thought that "lujyjvo" would have had a more relevant/profound seljvo. -selkik

Well I'm over feeling like "lujyjvo" is a wasted lujvo. Whatever. Leaves us some space for other stuff anyway, like now we can say za'e "lujyjbo" meaning something that's Lojbanically complex or something and it won't conflict as much with "lujyjvo" because they'd have different contexts. I still like my word "cijyjvo" though! I was thinking I could make it more useful by broadening its meaning, for instance to also include words with shapes like "tedjda". Also I have a question about what's included in lujyjvo: Does it include words with one -CyC- wrinkle but also a non-wrinkled connection, like ummmmm za'e "cintolyla'a"? I think I'll say those count in the broader category of cijyjvo, but I'm guessing they're not lujyjvo since the only longer lujvo in the list above are relylujyjvo, does that seem right? -selkik