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The Lojban MOO

  • When you go through a door -> "do go through le stuna."
  • When you look at a door -> "It is closed." or "It is open."
  • Health messages for wounded mobs (mooix:contrib/animate?). The "look_injured_*" messages. Looks like eleven of them: "scratched", "bruised", "beat up", "hurt", "badly hurt", "quite badly hurt", "unconscious", "near death", "dead". Some suggestions: {to'e cikna}->unconscious. {ralci velxrani}, {ruble velxrani}, {milxe velxrani}, {velxrani}, {mutce velxrani}, {traji velxrani}, {jibni morsi}.
  • When a mob dies you get the message: "<name> collapses, unconscious."
  • When mob is dead and you execute {viska ti}: "le 's corpse cu zvati"
  • i do pencu gi'e facki fi lo vorme pe exits le up .e le north
    • i do pencu gi'e facki fi lo vorme be lo gapru be'o .e lo vorme be lo berti
  • Cannot list that.
  • newid used for object not a thingset
  • Failed to create room.
  • You have no shortcuts.
  • The moo is going down! Please come back later.


  • File /tmp/fileKvs2md-<lang code="en">Lojban Test User<_lang><lang code="jbo">lojbo cipra pilno<_lang> description saved.
  • Welcome to the Lojban MOO! See http://www.lojban.org/The+Lojban+MOO if you need help.
  • (Guessing that you meant to type: "who" ...)
    • to ru'a do pu djica lo nu ciska lu ma li'u toi
  • It's not clear what you mean by "look". -- upon typing "look" in Lojban.
    • zoi zoi look zoi ki'a
  • Compiling grammar, please wait..
    • ca'o zbasu lo genytci .i .e'o ko denpa
  • This dormitory has a bleak, institutional feel. The walls are painted a nasty shade of off-green. This is a place for deadbeats who don't have a real home to sleep; type "home" to get out.
    • lo vi sipku'a cu driri'a je bilni simlu .i lo bitmu cu tolmle noryri'o .i ti se xabju lo lazni poi na se zdani lo xamgu be fi lo nu sipna .i ko ciska zo zdakla te zu'e lo nu cliva
  • na'e se mipri vorme fa none
    • na'e se mipri vorme fa no da --(Any reason to prefer na'e se mipri to gubni?)