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General Info

To edit a help file, do something like: "edit mooix:abstract/avatar jicmu.hlp.jbo".

That's the starting point help file, by the way, and it has been translated.

I've had to create Keyboard Terminology to track some of my coinages; you may want to as well. You might also want to add things to Computer Terminology.

Known Problems

  • Currently, it is illegal to have help files with spaces in their names. The easy Lojban way to get around this is to use "." instead.
  • The ".jbo" stuff shows up in the related topics.
  • The "other related topics" stuff isn't translated.
  • The "missing" in "sidju fi lu missing li'u"
  • The "help missing" code doesn't show what object stuff is on.
  • The "index" in "sidju fi lu index li'u"
  • The "help index" code doesn't limit to Lojban stuff at all, and it shows the ".jbo" and ".en" stuff.

Translated Help Files

  • mooix:abstract/avatar jicmu.hlp.jbo

Help Files What Need Translating

You can get a list from "help missing" or "sidju fi lu missing li'u" (ewww).

  • mooix:abstract/avatar cusku.hlp.jbo
  • mooix:abstract/avatar klama.hlp.jbo
  • mooix:concrete/thing sidju.hlp.jbo
  • mooix:abstract/avatar sevzi.galfi.hlp.jbo