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This is the list of participants of Broken phone with the languages they are fluent in and the other languages they are competent in. This distinction is made with the following concept in mind: if you are not fluent in a language, you will find it easier to translate from that language into lojban than from lojban into that language; thus, in establishing a list of participants for a round, the coordinator will ensure that everyone is fluent in the language they translate into and competent in the language they translate out of.

Wiki doesn't allow nice arrangement of this list. I have written it following this model:

    • other languages

Append your name to the end of the list and notify the coordinator of the current Broken Phone (if you want to join in on that one).

    • Galician (written only)
    • Other romance languages
    • French, Italian, Esperanto
    • temporarily out of the game
  • .and. ([email protected]) I can work from Italian or, if the text is short and a crude translation is tolerable, French or German. --And Rosta
    • English
    • Italian, French, German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Danish, Swedish, German, Esperanto
    • Spanish
    • French, Japanese
    • French (can only translate from French into English or Lojban, not into French) Don't worry; nobody is ever asked to translate into a language that they do not list themself as fluent in.
    • French
    • Latin
  • Ted Reed bancus (rizen-at-surreality.(UnitedStates]
    • English
    • Esperanto
  • Bruce Williams .iusris. (codedbliss at comcast dot net)
    • Arabic, English
    • Esperanto
  • John Leuner .jemna. (jewel at debian dot org)
    • English
    • Russian, German, Italian, Japanese