la jbofi'e

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An software package by Richard Curnow which parses and glosses Lojban text into English. It has often been characterized as "the de facto standard glosser and parser for Lojban".


  • The current version
  • The author's page; other than the README in the github repository, contains the most up-to-date information
  • A web copy of an unkown cvs repository which appears to contain newer versions, but gives no hint as to how a complete package could be obtainable, either as a package or from a real cvs repository..


Additional Features

In addition to the parser/glosser, jbofihe used to provide utilities for the classification of words, and the construction of lujvo.


The name arose due to a lack of creativity on my part when I made the first release. I just took the name Babelfish (the famous translation engine on Altavista) and adapted it a bit to give Lojbanic fish. So originally I guess it links back to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, but with rather a lot of obscure adaption.

— Richard Curnow