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Here are some phrases commonly seen on IRC. Some are not so common, but serve as examples. It is good practice to start every sentence with the word .i, but for the sake of concision, list omits it.

||coi | Hi

coi ro do | Hi, everyone

co'o | Goodbye

co'o ro do | Goodbye, everyone

do mo | What's up? / What're you doing?

go'i | Yes (what you just said is true)

na go'i | No (what you just said is false)

je'e | Roger that. / Okay. / You're welcome.

fi'i | Make yourself at home

mi jimpe | I understand

mi na jimpe | I don't understand

mi'e .maik. | My name is Mike

ju'i .maik. | Hey Mike! (Listen up!)

doi .maik. | Mike, ... (addresses Mike)

re'i | Yes? (Expecting speech, typically said after someone says ju'i)

ki'a | What?! (I didn't understand one or more words you said)

ki'e | Thanks

.u'u | Sorry

.u'u sai | Very sorry

.u'u cai do cevni fi mi | Really very sorry

.e'u | I suggest… / Why don't you/we…

.e'o | Please

xamgu | Good

po'u | Which is…

ko gletu lo kanba | I am now a true Lojbanist (rite of passage)

.ie | I agree

.ie nai | I disagree

.i'e | I approve

.i'e nai | I disapprove

.ui | :-) (happy)

.ui nai | :-( (sad)

.u'i | :-D LOL

.u'i nai | :-(!! Not funny.

zo'o | :-P (only joking)

zo'o nai | :-[jbocre: (serious!)

.ua | Oh! I see! (understanding)

.ua nai | Uh… (I'm confused about the meaning of what you said)

.ia nai zo'o | No way! (Humourous disbelief)

.a'u | That's interesting..

de'a jundi | BRB

mi na jundi | AFK

lo mi zdani cu se fagri | I love IRC so much that nothing else matters

mi co'a jundi / di'a jundi | I'm back

mi prami do | I love you

mi nelci do | I like you

mi na'e birti | I'm not sure

mi na djuno | I don't know

.au pei mi'o pedysi'u | Do you want us to be friends?

lo pluka ko li'i sipna/senva/citka | Have a nice rest/dream(s)/meal!

.au cilre fi lo jbobau | I want to learn about Lojban/to speak Lojban

.e'o ko ctuca mi fo lo jbobau | Please teach me about Lojban/to speak Lojban

.au pei mi'o casnu | Do you want to talk with me?

.ei mi sipna | I have to go to bed

.ei mi cliva | I have to leave

ko ko kurji / ko kurji ko | Take care of yourself!

e'o ko e'i denpa | Wait a sec.. ||