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BPFK Sections

CLL 14.14 Non-logical connectives

(Link added for reference — but all the usual disclaimers apply: CLL says quite contradictory things about joi and jo'u.)

gimste definition

non-logical connective: mixed conjunction; 'and' meaning 'mixed together', forming a mass.

la lalxu's diagram


xorxes's Lojban jbovlaste definition

nalylogji jonma'o .i te jorne le li'erla'i le se li'erla'i ja'e lo gunma

Non-logical connective. Joins the preceding argument and the following argument, with-result: a gunma.

This is compatible with the BPFK definition above (whew!) when taking the resulting gunma to satisfy gunma le li'erla'i .e le se li'erla'i.

broda joi brodu

That definition is fine for SUMTI joi SUMTI, but what about tanru units? The resulting broda joi brodu can't be a gunma (mass).

la ŭakci suggests the following semantics:

«da broda joi brodu» →
1) da broda i je da brodu;
2) su’o di zo’u da ckaji di i je lo ka broda kei je lo ka brodu cu pagbu di;
2a) lo ka broda kei je lo ka brodu cu simsa di;
2b) lo ka broda je brodu na du di.