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CLL 14.14 Non-logical connectives

gimste definition

non-logical connective: mixed conjunction; 'and' meaning 'mixed together', forming a mass.

xorxes's Lojban definition

nalylogji jonma'o .i te jorne le li'erla'i le se li'erla'i ja'e lo gunma

Non-logical connective. Joins the preceding argument and the following argument, with-result: a gunma.

broda joi brode

That definition is fine for SUMTI joi SUMTI, but what about tanru units? The resulting broda joi brode can't be a gunma (mass).

la .uakci suggests the following semantics:

«da broda joi brodu» →
1) da broda i je da brodu;
2) su’o di zo’u da ckaji di i je lo ka broda kei je lo ka brodu cu pagbu di;
2a) lo ka broda kei je lo ka brodu cu simsa di;
2b) lo ka broda je brodu na du di.