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== Congratulations ==

This is the default]HomePage[jbocre: for your Tiki. If you are seeing this page, your installation was successful.

You can change this page after logging in. Please review the [http://doc.tikiwiki.org/wiki+syntax iki syntax] for editing details.
***[[jbocre: jbovlaste import: animal kingdom lang en]]
***[[jbocre: jbovlaste import: fungus kingdom lang en]]

=== {img src=pics/icons/star.png alt="Star"} Get started. ===
**[[jbocre: jbovlaste import: plant kingdom lang en]]
**[[jbocre: jbovlaste import: protist kingdom lang en]]

To begin configuring your site:

#Log in as the '''admin''' with password '''admin'''.
How about ''domains''? -arj
#Change the admin password.
#Enable specific Tiki features.
#Configure the features.
=== {img src=pics/icons/help.png alt="Help"} Need help? ===
For more information:
*[http://info.tikiwiki.org/Learn+More earn more about TikiWiki].
*[http://info.tikiwiki.org/Help+Others et help], including the [http://doc.tikiwiki.org fficial documentation] and [http://www.tikiwiki.org/forums upport forums].
*[http://info.tikiwiki.org/Join+the+community oin the TikiWiki community].

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