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A Hangul orthography is sheer foolishness, because Hangul doesn't work well for most languages except Korean.

You're right in this, pe'i mi'e sanxiyn.







The falling dipthongs are a problem, because there's no ii or uu. So is y.

What about ㅡ for y? --pne

No. y is exact match of ㅓ mi'e sanxiyn.


Some problems:

There is no character for initial b, c, d, g, j, l or z, though some characters that are used for sounds sot found in Lojban can be used for these purposes, like the "iu" series or the ssang series.

Same is true for English, but there is nonetheless Korean orthography for it. Maybe we can imitate it. mi'e sanxiyn.

Also, it will be hard to fit in the . or the ' if it occurs in a syllable.

Apostrophe ' must be ㅎ pe'i mi'e sanxiyn.

Obviously Hangul is unsuited to be a Lojban orthography, but it does pose an interesting challenge.

-- Lee Min-Ji

Does anyone know about IKPA : Internationnal Korean Phonetic Alphabet ?

Look at this /http://www.scripta.kr/scripta2010/kr/proceedings/proc07v01_004.pdf

It can almost remplace IPA, and certainly display all the lojban phonetic diversity.

But we seem to lost the syllabic bloc feature, and that's I think where a work can be done to restore it, although IKPA wasn't though to be used this way.

I'm sure it is closer to a proper logic writing system for a logic language than every attempt ever made. Pei'pei mi'e la brabenvaxda'u balsoi