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Here is all the info I posted about myself on jboste, enjoy
These lujvo might possibly be bad, because they use {jvsv carmi} in the sense of {jvsv mutce}.

Name: Gregory Dyke (greg.daik.)
{jvsv caicni}                        carmi+cinmo: ardent

{jvsv caicpe}                        carmi+cpedu: to beg of someone ~np~[[request|request]]~/np~, (not ask for money)

Occupation: student, IT, EPFL, Switzerland
{jvsv caicta}                        carmi+catlu: to stare

Hobbies (things I do when I'm not doing smth else): skiing, programming,
{jvsv caidji}                        carmi+djica: intense desire

tolkien, his languages, lojban, working my way through w3c proposals (yep,
{jvsv camcinla}                      carmi+cinla:  new ~np~[[moon|moon]]~/np~

the geeky type)
{jvsv caivru}                        carmi+savru:  roaring: 

What I think of lojban : hopefully, will help me understand what I'm saying
{jvsv caibra}                        carmi+barda: huge

and thinking if I'm not sure, gives an introduction to logic (I never
{jvsv camcarvi}                      carmi+carvi:  pours ~np~[[intense rain|intense rain]]~/np~, emphasizing bulk/intensity

realised that "a if b" was "a or not b"), makes for very powerful
{jvsv camcikna}                      carmi+cikna:  wide awake

expressions - can't think of any right now %^) ; not likely to succeed for
{jvsv camcilce}                      carmi+cilce:  wild (e.g. of weather)

sapir-whorf, or as an international language. Great potential though for the
{jvsv camcintungau}                  carmi+cinse+tunta+gasnu:  petting

semantic web, for translating and for computer-human communication ... oh
{jvsv camcniri'a}                    carmi+cinmo+rinka:  extremely moving

yes! and as a conlang worth learning. I wish I could teach my kids (If and
{jvsv camganra}                      carmi+ganra:  intensely broad

when I have any) lojban, but it would be a bit cruel - so I probably won't.
{jvsv camgei}                        carmi+gleki:  intensely happy

I aspire to becoming competent at communicating in the language (but I've
{jvsv campei}                        carmi+pensi:  intensely think, concentrate

got to get through the gismu and cmavo first).
{jvsv camselci'i}                    carmi+se+cinri:  fan

I show up on IP: 213.3.*.* (most often)
{jvsv camselci'igri}                  carmi+se+cinri+girzu: fandom

My ICQ is 131702262, look for ''tirno'' (there are only two of us)
{jvsv caitcu}                        carmi+nitcu:  desperate

{jvsv camte'a}                        carmi+terpa: horror

{jvsv camtoi}                        carmi+troci:  effortfully

Stuff on the wiki I'm working on:
{jvsv camvrici}                      carmi+vrici:  various:

*[[jbocre: Hamlet|Hamlet]]
{jvsv cmacai}                        cmalu+carmi: tiny
*[[jbocre: faq|faq]]

*[[jbocre: Garfield|Garfield]]
{jvsv glacai}                        glare+carmi: scalding
{jvsv jakcai}                        jarki+carmi:  very narrow

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These lujvo might possibly be bad, because they use {jvsv carmi} in the sense of {jvsv mutce}.

{jvsv caicni} carmi+cinmo: ardent

{jvsv caicpe} carmi+cpedu: to beg of someone ~np~request~/np~, (not ask for money)

{jvsv caicta} carmi+catlu: to stare

{jvsv caidji} carmi+djica: intense desire

{jvsv camcinla} carmi+cinla: new ~np~moon~/np~

{jvsv caivru} carmi+savru: roaring:

{jvsv caibra} carmi+barda: huge

{jvsv camcarvi} carmi+carvi: pours ~np~intense rain~/np~, emphasizing bulk/intensity

{jvsv camcikna} carmi+cikna: wide awake

{jvsv camcilce} carmi+cilce: wild (e.g. of weather)

{jvsv camcintungau} carmi+cinse+tunta+gasnu: petting

{jvsv camcniri'a} carmi+cinmo+rinka: extremely moving

{jvsv camganra} carmi+ganra: intensely broad

{jvsv camgei} carmi+gleki: intensely happy

{jvsv campei} carmi+pensi: intensely think, concentrate

{jvsv camselci'i} carmi+se+cinri: fan

{jvsv camselci'igri} carmi+se+cinri+girzu: fandom

{jvsv caitcu} carmi+nitcu: desperate

{jvsv camte'a} carmi+terpa: horror

{jvsv camtoi} carmi+troci: effortfully

{jvsv camvrici} carmi+vrici: various:

{jvsv cmacai} cmalu+carmi: tiny

{jvsv glacai} glare+carmi: scalding

{jvsv jakcai} jarki+carmi: very narrow