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The official baselined list of gismu. This is not just an abstract list; it is an actual document, available at [1].

This should probably be gimste, shouldn't it? At least, jvocu'adju (from the jbofi'e distribution) says that gimste has a better score (5878) than gi'uste (6367). --pne

The scoring algorithm was based on somebody's aesthetic preferences (don't remember who) - which are, surprisingly, not universal. If you want to call it a gimste, go right ahead. But others are welcome to call it a gi'uste if they want to, and still others will say gismu liste. FWIW, I prefer gi'uste. But that is definitely influenced by the fact that I saw that form first, and also because it's "closer" in form to ma'oste. --pne

  • .e'unai .i la'e zo gi'uste cu cmima jena dunli ro loi smuni be lu gismu liste li'u

I use gimste. According to the Book, alternate rafsi choices in a lujvo give "the same" lujvo (chapter 4 section 5), so it's a matter of preference. Chapter 4 section 12 says the lujvo-scoring algorithm "may change in the future," and "the lowest-scoring variant will usually that is, not always be the dictionary form of the lujvo." There's definitely room for confusion if people rely on paper dictionaries, but electronic lookup should have no trouble with any form of a lujvo. mi'e jezrax