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This is a page I'm starting for the gaming group I'm running. -Robin Lee Powell

Note that there are many RPG terms in Noralujv, apparently from an intense RPG word coining stint, the translation of Collossal Cave, or both. It may be worth it to try to hunt these down. - arj

Fully aware. Couldn't find one for RPG itself, though. - Robin

  • {jvsv dracyselkei general=1} {jvsv dracyselkei}
  • {jvsv dracykei general=1} {jvsv dracykei}
  • {jvsv xarpre general=1} {jvsv xarpre}
  • character class
  • race
  • trait, in general: {jvsv selkai}
  • skill: {jvsv selcre general=1} {jvsv selcre}
  • attribute, in the sense of "trait everyone in the world has" (strength, wisdom, etc), I think is just {jvsv jinzi}.
  • armour: {jvsv badgai general=1} {jvsv badgai}
  • {jvsv kelgi'a general=1} {jvsv kelgi'a} ({jvsv kelci} {jvsv gidva}) (new coinage)
  • party: {jvsv bende general=1} {jvsv bende}
  • monster: {jvsv cizda'u general=1} {jvsv cizda'u}
  • {jvsn roll meaning="dice" general=1} (let game events be determined by chance)
    • I came up with {jvsv cu'arkubli} for die, as in "gau mi ci le cu'arkubli be fe li xa cu ganro ja'e tu'a li pare" ("I roll 3d6 for 12.") mi'e bancus
    • I think that works, so let's just use {jvsv gurgau} for {jvsn roll meaning="dice" general=1} and let the choice aspect be captured bi {jvsv cu'arkubli}. Any objections? -Robin
  • {jvsn sword general=1}
    • When translating The Legend of Zelda, I used {jvsv dakfu} for sword. mi'e bancus
  • IC (in character)
  • OOC (out of character)

Character classes

  • {jvsn paladin general=1} {jvsv jdasoi}
  • {jvsn thief general=1} {jvsv jibri} {jvsv zerle'a}
  • {jvsn warrior general=1} {jvsv balsoi}
    • I think something based on {jvsv damba} might be more appropriate than {jvsv sonci} there. Very few of our warriors will be part of an army, so the se sonci seems inappropriate. We could remove that place (define the lujvo however we want), but it seems better to just start with what we really want. mi'e adm.loprEst.
    • {jvsv damba} implies that there is a particular opponent and a cause to fight over. Outside the context of a fight, {jvsv sonci} seems more appropriate, provided that the concept "army" is loosely interpreted. For a completely individual fighter, such as a lone mercenary, "zilsoi" looks appropriate. mi'e zefram