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These are words that I've made up in the process of writing stuff in the Orion's Arm universe, both the current RPG stuff and a series of (as yet unreleased) stories I'm working on (intended for publication in a print journal, if we ever get one going again). I've got a bunch not listed here, which I'll try to get entered over time.


  • archailect - {jvsv cevni}
  • {jvsv sibvidru general=1} - {jvsv sibvidru}
  • sophont {jvsv zukyka'e general=1} {jvsv zukyka'e}
  • {jvsv favytcini general=1} - {jvsv favytcini}
  • Passing of time: {jvsv bavyfarvi general=1} {jvsv bavyfarvi}
  • Hierarchy: {jvsv vipci'e}