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''la goran. topitc.''
Lojban은 한국어로 '''로지반'''입니다.

Formerly active [[jbocre: 'Tweeners Tweener|'Tweeners Tweener]], last sighted in late 1999 (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lojban/message/1085). Croatian, fearsomely fluent. [[jbocre: The Glasgow Conversation he Lojban conversation|The Glasgow Conversation he Lojban conversation]] held between [[User:Nick Nicholas|Nick Nicholas]] and Goran in Glasgow in 1995 is arguably the stuff of [[jbocre: LojbanicMythology|LojbanicMythology]].
*[[jbovlaste import: 물고기 lang ko]]
*[[jbovlaste import: 색채 형용사 lang ko]]

* [[jbocre: nu porpi lo ckana|nu porpi lo ckana]]
*[[jbovlaste import: 한자어 lang ko]]

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