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I really hate the elemental week-day style, which is why I started this page. -Robin


  • Monday: {jvsv pavdei}
  • Tuesday: {jvsv reldei}
  • Wednesday: {jvsv cibdei}
  • Thursday: {jvsv vondei}
  • Friday: {jvsv mumdei}
  • Saturday: {jvsv xavdei}
  • Sunday: {jvsv zeldei} or {jvsv nondei}


  • Monday: {jvsv lurdei}
  • Tuesday: {jvsv fagdei}
  • Wednesday: {jvsv jaurdei}
  • Thursday: {jvsv mudydei}
  • Friday: {jvsv jimdei}
  • Saturday: {jvsv tedydei}
  • Sunday: {jvsv soldei}