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Please, Support Lojban!

The LLG is planning to publish new books, such as the planned Lojban-English dictionary, and to resume publication of the print journal ju'i lobypli. To make this possible, we are seeking donations. The Logical Language Group, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) scientific-educational organization, and donations may be tax deductible within the U.S.

Donate Via PayPal!

Facebook Cause

Please support us through the Causes application on Facebook! You do not have to donate to add your support. Please note that donations using the PayPal link above get to us much faster.


You can send donations to Bitcoin address -+1LojbanMUEZHS22Teeiiiesw8v19Q25Xhy+- or -+1LojbANzafAZT2hBNuKtpwotfz3xFKa2qK+- (firstbits: -+1lojban+-) - please note this address is for donations to the LLG only and not for any form of transactional payment, the reason being anyone including nefarious sorts can examine the Bitcoin blockchain and claim a payment is theirs and therefore they deserve some form of goods.