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It's a moot question on whether thinking happens "in" a language or not; and what happens after you've used a second language long enough that you subvocalize in that language at times rather than in your first language. The real question is: Do you Bellyfeel Lojban?

Lojban gismu are not nouns or verbs, but networks of relations. What does that mean? Like a constellation in the sky, a shape is drawn around phenomena; dots are connected; the whole world is full of such gestalts. Some of them are simple and have only one referent, some have as many as five (do you know which ones?). Whenever you think of one, do the others automatically come to mind? What kind of mental gestalt does a roda brode brodi create in your mind?

G^3! A three-space of possibilities! What are the dot and cross of two bridi, that are vectors in this space?

See Jindyworobaks for a curiously parallel project, once upon a time.

See here for a first-person account.