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la bauspo fazykamni ("Language-destroying Annoying-group"; also known as the BSFK) is the evil counterpart to the BPFK. Founded by la zipcpi, its sole purpose and goal is to destroy Lojban as a usable language, once and for all.


To become a member, just click "Edit" and add yourself here. There is no initiation process, no one to ask for permission from (not even the founder), no elective committee. Chaos is the soul of the BSFK.


  • Make extremely silly words like briii and ci'onme'a
  • Make lots of half-baked proposals
  • Get on everyone's nerves by making pseudo-authoritative statements about the language, and pushing for any intended changes to happen quickly
    (Note: any member of the BSFK is allowed to invoke the "authority" of the BSFK (ca'i bysyfyky / zau bysyfyky) for any statement/idea/proposal they may have on the language, without having to consult or discuss with any other member first)


None whatsoever, save one:


bu'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a (untranslatable to English)


fu'o zo'osai Yes, all this is a joke.