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==  Main lists ==
#REDIRECT [[Word Lists#Word frequency lists]]
*[[:File:MyFreq-COMB_without_dots.txt|Full list (all words including cmavo clusters)]]
*[[Word frequency lists: gismu|Word frequency lists: gismu]]
== How to generate lists yourself ==
* See [https://groups.google.com/d/topic/lojban/KTPslnix3mQ/discussion discussion] for details
* [http://www.lojban.org/corpus/corpus.txt.bz2 the Lojbanic corpus in a .tar.gz archive].
==  Older stuff ==
* Older word frequencies can be found [http://www.lojban.org/files/roadmap.html#draft-dictionary_working here]
* [[line-templates-by-frequency.txt|This]] is a sorted list of "sentence templates" excerpted from IRC. It shows which sequences of selma'o/word types are most common.
===  [[Robin Lee Powell|Robin Lee Powell]]'s lists ===
[http://teddyb.org/~rlpowell/hobbies/lojban/flashcards/big_list gismu and cmavo frequency ordered word list], based on Lojban IRC, Alice, and a few other large texts.  There is also a [http://teddyb.org/~rlpowell/hobbies/lojban/flashcards/ large selection of intermediary files], including pure frequency lists.
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