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Fattiness (oleogustus) is sixth taste[1].

Interesting that at previous stages people described their inability to desribe this feeling due to the lack of words[2]:

...When asked to describe the taste of fat, many study participants said, “I don’t know.”

Fat is not the only taste that people find difficult to describe. Take calcium, another hot topic among taste scientists of late. Tordoff says that calcium has as much right to be considered a basic taste as sweetness or saltiness. The problem is that there is no word for what calcium tastes like.

“Part of it is a consequence of language,” said Jeannine Delwiche, who specializes in sensory science and psychophysics at Firmenich, a Swiss company that makes flavorings and perfumes. “For example, a lot of people confuse sourness and bitterness. You see that a lot with coffee and grapefruit. There’s not complete alignment in the way we use these terms.”

Basically we are speaking Newspeak where "free" never means "democratic freedom".

No words, no phenomena.