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How You Can Help

Here is a brief list of some of the ways you can make an important contribution to the Lojban language! In some cases, a certain facility with Lojban is needed, but some projects can make use of anyone who has spare time.

For Anyone

  • You could contact one of the Lojbanic Project leaders about helping out with what they are working on.
  • Similarily, you could volunteer for one of the Official LLG Committees.
  • You could contribute to the jbovlaste dictionary interface by commenting on definitions you see there. In particular, many of the definitions were more-or-less computer generated, and are badly written or strange or just incorrect. Commenting on these, or entering competing definitions of your own, will help speed the process of cleaning these up.
  • You could participate in the various Lojbanic Forums.

For Those Comfortable With Lojban

  • One of the most-needed things for experienced Lojbanists to do is to engage in original writing. Short stories (or long stories!), poetry, non-fiction, whatever. Please make sure to let us know what you've created!
  • You could contribute to the jbovlaste dictionary interface by adding new lujvo or fu'ivla. You could also translate some definition into one of the many, many languages that jbovlaste supports.
  • You could translate something you find interesting into Lojban. You might want to look at Translations for ideas of what to help with.
  • You could record samples of you speaking and upload them to this wiki. Please post to the main list saying that you've done so!

Please Contact us with any comments, suggestions or concerns.