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About me

Hi, I am Wuzzy and this page is my user page. My lojbanized name is “uuZIT”.

I speak German, English and I hope to speak Lojban soon :-). I learn Lojban for the lulz. :-)

My current stage of learning is: I finished reading “Beginner Course”, “The Lojban Reference Grammar” and “Lojban Wave Lessons Continued”. I know the grammar but I need practice to fully master it. I am improving on the basic words and learn them on a daily basis. I have mastered over 80% of the gismu and most of the cmavo. I have learned more than the half of the rafsi at least once.

Besides that, I primarily want to use Lojban to use it, not to experiment with the grammar. Because I am still learning, I would be very thankful if you pointed out errors if I made some.

My lojbanic output

My opinions

I am not sure yet, but I guess iff I ever become an actual lojbanist, I would be a hardliner. Those experimental cmavo go right over my head and I do not want to use them. I do not like them because I do not understand them, most of them seem also to be poorly documented. I am not against experiments at all but I think that a Lojban with experimental cmavo is not Lojban anymore. It it is, ummm, let’s call it “experimental Lojban”. It would be nice if everyone seperated experimental Lojban from Lojban. It would be even nicer if the experiments would be documented. :-) As for me, I’ll probably keep my hands off experimental cmavo as if they were 1000 °C hot stones. ;-)

I opine that anyone that still uses words like “modal” and “tags” and “bridi-tail”, “pro-sumti” and the such to describe lojbanic concepts shall be burned alive. ;-) It took me so much time to wrap my head around these, and I’d bet other beginners get confused, too. Greetings go to the authors of “Lojban Wave Lessons Continiued” who used proper lojbanic words, errr, valsi.