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  • cmavo-only style[1]

Inspired by real language features:

  • sumcau staile, inspired by nounless languages like that of Salishan and Wakashan families[2].

Inspired by other constructed languages:

  • Verbless style inspired by Kēlen[3]
  • toki pona style, with e.g. anaphora instead of nested constructs ({mi pinxe lo tcati .i mi masno lonu go'i})

Inspired by fictional languages:

  • Tlön styles, from Borges’ short story. Most Tlön languages lack nouns.
  • snanu melatlon staile: in Southern Tlön style, meaning is constructed from verbs and adverbs.
  • berti melatlon staile: in Northern Tlön style, objects are referred to by combination of adjectives (qualities). Possible lojbanic ways to do so: ka and za'i abstractions, za'a and si'au evidentials.
  • melaxoxengron staile, inspired by “language of dreams” in Max Frei novels. Similar to Northern Tlön style; default evidential is si'au.

Inspired by programming languages:


Many ideas were proposed by la gleki.