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[[Image:guskant.svg|thumb|200px|la .guskant.]]
.i la .guskant. noi [http://photon.freeshell.org/ lo nu de me ke'a cu se finti lo se finti be ke'a] cu banjupunu la'a jbopre [http://selpahi.weebly.com/lojban/how-to-substantially-simplify-the-lojban-connective-system-my-connective-system jecu] se cuntu lo ji'a nunsa'a
== ni'o lo smitra be la .mankant. ==
[[Image:mankant.svg|thumb|100px|la .mankant.]]
.i la .guskant. cu smitra la .mankant.<ref>to la .mankant. cu na'e me la'o fy. manquante .fy. no'u la ca'o (se) claxu [http://selpahi.weebly.com/lojban/how-to-substantially-simplify-the-lojban-connective-system-my-connective-system je cu] ku'i me la manku kantu ma'i lo si'o [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_energy manku nejni] toi</ref> noi selfu [[la bripre|la bripre jikca]] ku'o ta'i lo pu'u gy. dasni lo lacni je lo tebykre je lo mapku <br />
.i gy. jinvi lo du'u gy. prane lo ka smitra <br />
.i ku'i la bripre cu je'u djuno lo du'u la .mankant. cu du la .guskant.
== ni'o lo finti be la zantufa ==
[http://guskant.github.io/gerna_cipra/zantufa-1.17.html jo'au zantufa_1.17] <br />
.i la .guskant. cu na'o te zabna fi lo nu stika lo ka gerna la .lojban. <br />
.i pa'a lo nungo'i gy. carmi lo ka xebni lo nu to'e pairnu'i <br />
.i ni'i lo nungo'i gy. toldji lo nu ganse lo jufra noi pagbu [https://groups.google.com/d/topic/lojban/FY2m4kqJ_tg/discussion zo la'oi .a zo zo'oi .a zo me'oi] <br />
.i ku'i [https://web.archive.org/web/20151031175123/https://mw.lojban.org/papri/La_Bangu La Bangu] joi [https://web.archive.org/web/20151127105727/http://mw.lojban.org/extensions/ilmentufa/camxes-exp.html la .ilmentufa] ku noi so'ova'e co xamgu gy. cu se pagbu ra noi to'e pairnu'i selma'o <br />
.i se ja'e lo nungo'i lo so'i mei be lo .irci ji'a jo'u lo nintadni ji'a cu cusku lo jufra noi se pagbu ra noi mabla be gy. selma'o <br />
.i gy. toldji lo nu jikca ra no'u '''la traji co pritu noi livbai lo polno ku ku noi ve skicu fo gy. <br />
.i mu'i lo nungo'i gy. jdice lo du'u ba'a gy. gugmu'u pe'a lo sezbanzu cmalu daplu noi stuzi la [[zantufa]] <br />
.i ku'i ro da poi na pilno ra noi mabla be gy. selma'o cu zanvi'e .ui gy. lo daplu <br />
.i lo ninrai co ve farvi be fo la zantufa cu [http://guskant.github.io/gerna_cipra/zantufa-1.9999.html zvati ti] <br />
.i ui nai [https://vimeo.com/190637628 so'o da livgau gy. lo lojbo cecmu] .i se ni'i bo la'a lo cmalu daplu pe gy. na ka'e pagbu lo jbogu'e .i se ju la'a gy. snada lo nu gy. gugmu'u pe'a lo daplu <br />
.i '''.a'o zanfu'a la zantufa'''
== ni'o lo notci ==

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banjubu'o / English

Guskant, whose existence is created by works created by herself, is maybe Japanese speaker and is Lojban person, who is involved in singing, too.

Acting as Mankant


Guskant pretends to be Mankant [1], who is servant of Bripre Jikca, by wearing glasses, moustache and a cap.
Guskant think that she perfectly looks like Mankant, and that nobody is aware that Mankant is Guskant,
but Bripre actually knows that Mankant is identical to Guskant.

Creating Zantufa

Guskant is typically in favor of modifying Lojban grammar,
while she also strongly dislike unfairness,
and therefore she doesn't want to encounter any texts that include la'oi, zo'oi or me'oi.
However, La Bangu and the not-bad-to-her Ilmentufa include the above mentioned unfair parts of speech.
As a result, many people from #lojban IRC and beginners use that abominable-to-her parts of speech in their texts.
She doesn't want to be concerned with those "extreme right people who expel Polynesians" described by her.
Motivated by that, she decided to move to an independent small island of Zantufa,
though anyone who doesn't use that abominable-to-her parts of speech is welcome by her to the island.
The recent version of Zantufa is found here.
Sadly, some people expelled her from Lojban community, and therefore her small island maybe does not belong to Lojbanistan. In any case, she maybe succeeded in moving to the island.
Good luck to Zantufa.


  1. Mankant is not manquante but manku kantu according to dark energy.