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Here is the list of most important achievements in Lojban development

  • starting from year 2012
  • as seen by la gleki
  • main criterion are how many hours a person spent on achieving a given state of affairs and how important the impact was on Lojban development
  1. Practice of Lojban in IRC channels, instant messengers and social networks showing it it as a live language, populating its corpus of texts, increasing its power as tool describing and operating the world
  2. la camgusmis'es work on putting CLL into an easily editable format allowing its print and spread.
  3. Never ending work on wiki
  4. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz translated into Lojban
  5. la tersmu semantic parser
  6. Never ending work on improving the database of for Lojban
  7. la tsani reaching fluency in Lojban in 2012 as shown by two videos.
  8. la korpora zei sisku tool
  9. camxes.js
  10. The Crash Course: Lojban Dictionary with Examples finished primarily in 2014
  11. la guskant's la bripre series.